Girl Led Workshop - Noble Park

Girl Led Workshop - Noble Park
Inspiring the Girl Led experience! Girl Guides Victoria and Gowrie Victoria have developed a workshop about Inspiring the Girl-Led Experience, bringing together the latest knowledge of WAGGGS and Gowrie Victoria

So you’ve heard about this thing called Girl Led and are curious to find out what it’s all about. Fantastic! Well the thing is that it’s nothing really new; Girl Guides have been doing Girl Led since the very beginning. Remember the rally at Crystal Palace in 1909 when girls demanded to become Girl Scouts and so created a program for girls...that’s Girl Led. Over time we have called it lots of different things; Learner Led, Girl Driven, just to name a few. So we have created a fresh look to a well tried and tested approach that ensures we are relevant and engaging and in line with the needs of today’s girl.

You see, Girl Led is the core of what we do. To quote the words of our Founder Robert Baden Powell; “The secret of sound education is to get each pupil to learn for himself instead of instructing her by driving knowledge into him.”

At Girl Guides Victoria we have been taking a new look at what Girl Guides means to today’s girl, we have asked girls the question all over the country.

What we heard was that girls love the girls’ only space with the freedom to be curious and clever, exploring a wide range of possibilities available to them. Girls enjoy a fluid environment that meets their needs. There is more than one way to be a girl and girls want to be whoever they want to be depending on how they feel at any given time. So if they want to paint their nails and go rock-climbing, fantastic!  The key here is freedom, the opportunity to take the lead of life’s discovery process. Girl Led is the mechanism that allows that to happen.

We have identified through the development of the Girl Guides Victoria lighthouse statement that as an organization ‘We’re for girls” So we need to make sure that we keep girls as the primary focus of all we do.

To capture the most up to date understanding on this topic, Girl Guides Victoria partnered with Gowrie Victoria (leaders in Early Childhood Education and learning),incorporating the latest WAGGGS Learner Led teachings and developed the Girl Led Workshop. The outcome is a range of tools and activities that enable Leaders to provide a more open and flexible environment where girls have the richest Guiding experience with the girl front and centre.

Morning tea, afternoon tea, and lunch will be provided. Please wear your Guide uniform.

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23/06/2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Noble Park Guide Hall Ross Reserve NOBLE PARK VIC
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