In Person Unit LShip Qualification Training (T4) - Oct 2022

In Person Unit LShip Qualification Training (T4) - Oct 2022
The Leadership Qualification training is suitable for Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders working on their Leadership Qualification Passport. Youth members 17.5 yrs with an interest in Leadership may also attend.

Training will be delivered IN PERSON at Lingbogol Camp Site, Creswick. 
For youth aged 17.5+ that have a strong interest in the training, contact us for further registration assistance. 

This is a single day event, Saturday October 8th, 9am - 5pm. 
Please arrive at 8:45am, so the training can commence on time. 

Please wear your uniform. 
Breaks will be included throughout the day, but please bring your own Lunch and snacks. 

Participants have the option to stay onsite the night before or the night after training if required. More information will be provided on this shortly. 

Prior to attending on the day, you must complete the 6 eGuiding modules.

All Victorian Unit Leader trainings will now follow a shortened format, and participants should be working from the Girl Guides Victoria Pilot Passport dated August 2022. It is hoped that most new Leaders will complete their qualification in 6-12 months, with a role review after 6 months.

District Managers or Region Managers, especially if new to Guiding, may also choose to attend.

The sessions will provide training to cover the following modules:
- Delivering the Australian Guide Program
- Being a Leader of your Unit
- Being Safe
- Managing your Unit

The following eGuiding Modules must be completed prior to attending training, unless Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is granted:
- Guiding Orientation
- Leadership In The Unit
- Girl Recognition System
- Facilitating the Girl Experience
- Being Safe
- GGV Finance for Leaders

Each module should take approximately 20minutes to complete. 

More information about accessing eGuiding is here. Please also review the Steps to Unit Leadership Qualification.

Upon registration, you will need to answer several questions to assist the Training Team. Please ensure you also click through the Checkout and contact us if you do not receive a confirmation email.
8/10/2022 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Lingbogol Guides Camp Geddes Road CRESWICK VIC 3363
Registration not available.

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